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      I just procured a ZR 960 and have an external microphone plugged into the mic jack. I want to monitor the audio using the AV out, but I get lots of buzzing as the camera doesn’t know that I want stereo audio. I can’t find the option in the menu to toggle the sound to stereo, although the option exists in other Canon camcorders. Any recommendations?


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      That’s the camera I want to buy for webcasting and sound is important so your question interests me. Maybe stereo is simply not an option. You’re using the 1/8″ inch mic jack and tranferring to XLR ?

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      This may be a matter of adjusting the plug right, as the standard A/V Output jack consists of three channels (audio left, audio right, and video). On my camcorder, it seems that when I plug-in headphones and pull the plug back a certain amount, I am able to hear both left and right audio channels with no added hiss or buzz. If the same goes with your camcorder, it may simply be a matter of finding the sweetspot.

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