Zooming in on still to reveal another.

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      Hi all, I hope someone can help me. I’m a total noob to video making. I want to make a short promo for some music. I’ve seen a very cool effect with stills where the camera appears to zoom in on the still and reveals another still, sort of ’embedded’ in the original. Like, it would zoom in on an eye to reveal a landscape relected in the pupil, and then zoom in on the landscape to show a scene through a window in a cottage or something. Can someone tell me what this effect is called? Is it difficult to achieve? I only have adobe premiere elements.

      Many thanks in advance


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      That sounds like a variation on the Droste effect.

      Is it difficult to achieve? I don’t think so. Is it difficult to achieve with Premiere Elements? That is the question. I would think that at the very least you would also need Photoshop Elements to prepare and possibly composite the images. The issue tha you would have is with the resolution of the image, the more you enlarge an image the more it appears to degrade. I would usually start with images that were larger (pixel dimensions) than I intended to use.

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      Hi. Thanks for that .I say I only have APE, but I do have GIMP for photo editing on my linux box. Yes I can see that resoltion would be an issue. I did have in mind that the zooming in would accelerate, to give an impression of falling into, or being sucked into, the picture. I guess that would help, as the point at which the resolution was lowest would flash past quite briefly. It is a bit like the Droste effect, especially as I’d like the last image to be the same as the first.

      I have a rough idea about how to do it, fading in the embedded image as the zoom increases and fading out the background. I just didn’t want to reinvent the wheel if this is already a widely used technique.

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      in Vegas this is done utilizing pan / crop and track motion. to help with resolution, upsize the main photo to minimize loss of resolution during the zoom.


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