Zoom H4n use of the (which?)external micro without additional phantom power.

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      I have got one for me very impotent question. Soon I’ll need to be
      mobile with my recording equipment to jet set between different
      locations and record samples of Audio books (for blind people). I don’t
      have much experience with audio equipment and was using so far the
      studio equipment set by a professionals. But now it will be impossible.
      My preference is to be mobile.

      So I decided to buy a Zoom H4n I know it already got phantom power build in, but is it enough for the two external micros?
      And which micros should I buy?

      The recording conditions will be a silent but not noise isolated room.
      And 2 to 3 narrators sitting right next to the micro.( do this
      conditions require any additional phantom power than the one build in
      the Zoom H4n)

      One impotent question. Is Zoom H4n suitable for recording of commercializable Audio books?
      My project is underfinancesed and it would be great to be able to record every now and then a whole book straight away.

      Thank you from Russia.

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      Hi Leo,

      I am a professional musician and own a Zoom H4n myself. You have chosen one of the best portable recording devices out there! I think you will find that the two built-in mics are very powerful but you can also add one or two external mics in the XLR connectors on the end of the recorder. I have used it for music videos (to sync the audio and video) as well as when I write music. There are also free audio editing softwares such as Audacity.com if you need to give depth or make any modifications or edits. I hope this helps!

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      Hi Leo- I have the H4n and agree with MTW, it is a great recorder. It can handle phantom power to two mics, but be sure to use the AC adapter so you don’t run out of battery.

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      having used a Zoom H2 for several years I used to use a line splitter to connect my Zoom to two microphones but mostly use the Zoom as an external microphone on one of my cameras.

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