ZOOM H4 Audio and Synching to Video

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      The ZOOM H4 digital audio recorder is a widely used piece of gear. I tried using it as an additional audio source. My plan was to synch the .wav file produced by the ZOOM H4 to the audio/video captured by my miniDV camcorder. I have successfully synched audio/video captured by as many as 4 MiniDV camcorders in the past, and been able to mix the audio tracks to get the best sound of the event, and then switch video using Multi-Cam in Adobe Premier. I thought the Audio from a .wav file would synch just as easily. Not so! The .wav files produced by the ZOOM H4 run slightly faster than the audio produced by the camcorder!!! I always thought a .wav file was a .wav file and am having a hard time understanding how the internal clocks of the ZOOM H4 (which is not a cheap piece of gear) and MiniDV camcorders can be different? One is obviously not capable of playing back audio at the exact speed it actually happened. Which means one of these audio sources is not playing back the original pitch. I found that I had to re-synch the sound from the H4 to the audio/video from the MinDV camcorder about every 3 minutes or a little less. Can anybody explain this anomaly to me? Thanks, Dave

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