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      Just filmed my first wedding last night with two Zoom H2s for my sound. If you’ve been thinking about the H2, think no more. You have to get one. I just bought two, and am in Heaven! They are easy to stow, easy to set up, and can convert from a pocket lapel system into a handheld (wireless) microphone to pass from person to person. It’s the most innovative invention that I’ve seen, and the best business decision this year. All of which won’t help me sell my old wireless units. But if you’re interested, send me a PM.

      I don’t work for Zoom; I’m just very excited about eliminating interference noise for good. If you get one, I recommend a Giant Squid lapel. I bought two for about $60.


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      Ive read the zoom has a hard time recording in sync with video. As in – it has inaccurate timing. So, when trying to match up audio with video, if you use that method, it has slight variations. Have you noticed this?

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      I have found that this procedure can be useful to overcome audio ‘sync’ problems.
      I posted it to be used with free programs, but it’s probably no big deal to adapt it to suit most audio editors.
      Bit long winded, but you should only have to do it once for each device. As I say, the problem seems to be mostly offset, rather than variable drift.

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