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      I’ve been looking fora small-scale digital recording solution for my Church, and have became frustrated when I figured out there was nothing larger than 10″for under $500. I’ve considered the Zoom H2.

      Does the Zoom H2 record without producing hum when plugged into the wall?

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      I ONLY use batteries with my Zoom H2. I’ve not experimented with the AC adaptor because I get 3 hours or so from a set of batteries and that pretty much covers my production audio needs powerwise. I imagine any available plug can present ground loop problems bringing on the hum/noise. And, it is possible that some church events could exceed 3 hours. On the occasion when I’ve needed extended recording time, I have the advantage of owning multiple H2 units and simply can start up a second unit, or if an event lull takes place, replace the batteries and card in the initial unit and restart. I’ve never, however, had to resort to the AC adaptor.

      I expect you’d need some way of testing the outlet to ensure it is clean for AC use before taking a chance with any plugged in device as this problem can be consistent or intermittent depending on the facility electrical wiring conditions.

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      I also haven’t used my H2 with the AC adapter, but there are some relatively cheap solutions if you encounter hum. AC isolators, no-hum adapters, and a sine-wave power supply (UPS) might be helpful.

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      or you could buy a cheap usb battery and plug it into the usb port to extend the recording time of your zoom…. I use these with my h1:

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      I use a zoom H2, and usually work it with batteries since the last for a long time It doesn’t use much power recording sound and the quality of the sound it great. You can use it as an external mic by plugging in a 1/8″ pin and line to the phone in on the camera, i consider it more useful than my shotgun mic, because you can set it up to 90%, 120%, or 360% i would certainly tell a friend to get one.

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      I need something that will record about 1 hour every Sunday: a half hour for sunday morning and the other half for Sunday night.

      I don’t want to have to change the batteries every three weeks.

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      You’ve been given options here. Just pick your poison. I shoot video on a weekly, if not daily, basis and get PLENTY of recording time off a set of AA’s and when I doubt it’s little enough trouble to keep my confidence high by changing to fresh batteries for each gig, if not every other. Lots less frustration than dealing with ground loop or other issues derived from using AC.

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      I use my H2 and my H4n with their AC adaptors and I haven’t had any problems with hum. I usually use them to replace the reference audio I capture with my video camera. When I do voiceover work I use the H4n in my vocal booth, with a condensor mic, and get a very clean sound. They are beautiful pieces of audio equipment!

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      I'm planning to use H2 and researching around to know information related with H2. You've allocated very helpful reference and will try to use this adapter to charge up my electronic product. Thanks.

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      I have a h2and it will not work with the ac help please and it wil not work through the usb.

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