Zi8 Sound Recording Device?

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      Since the Kodak pocket cam is the only pocket cam with an external mic input I thought wouldn’t it be useful as a sound recording device for film making? I tried to find the tech specs for the sound on this device but all Kodak will say is that it records sound in MPEG4 format. I also notice that there is no option to record only sound so video is going to be rolling the whole time. I think the option to shot off video for sound only recording should be a requested future feature in the next version.

      Has anyone tried using this pocket cam in conjunction with a boom mic?

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      If you are going to use the Kodak pocket cam as a sound recording device to use with video that you are shooting, I would think that the pocket cam video which is recorded could help sync up the audio with the good video that you have shot in your timeline and then just delete the pocket cam video.

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      Also if all you are looking for is a sound recorder the Zoom H1 or H2 are great audiorecorders for about the same price. The H1 is about the size of a candy bar.

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      The products are good and I think they are worth buying for… But I still hope there will be new technologies going out this year.

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      You loose your time to record sound with Kodak and go on time line export the sound etc.. Today you can purchase a good recording device for less than $100 go to Staples and check it. Or buy a Zoom product or use a MP3 player like Sensa.



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