Z5U XLR issues – help please

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      I have had my Z5U for a week now and am still confused I guess about all this XLR stuff (XLR is new to me).

      When I put both switches on “INT MIC” the built in microphone seems to work very well. Both channels show up on the little sound bar, and I hear it just fine during playback.

      Next I attached my mic with the XLR attachment to it to “INPUT 1”. While there was no clarifications in the Sony manual about the mic, I soon realized I DID have to switch that port to a +48V to get the sound bar displayto respond to any sound. Alright so that problem was solved.

      I switched the first channel to “INPUT 1” as this is where I plugged it in teh XLR. (actually did this before switching to +48v). I kept the 2nd Channel on “INT MIC”. Now the little sound bar display was bouncing around on both channels. I assumed that what this would create is channel1 sound coming in from the XLR mic, and channel 2 sound coming in from the built in mic. While I was a little confused why anyone would ever do this, I went with it. Why use both simultaneously when they are right next to each other?

      When I played back the video, the only sound I could hear was coming from my right speaker, and I assume that is the “INPUT1” XLR mic. The left speaker was completely silent.

      Next I tried switching the 2nd channel to “INPUT 2” though I was pretty sure what that was going to do before I did it. YUP sure enough only the first channel on the sound bar display was bouncing up and down, but I recorded anyway to see if I was missing something. When I played back the video, I again only heard it from the XLR mic but that was expected.

      So… what is the point of all this XLR stuff? And how do I set it up correctly? Why would I plug in the included (shotgun??) mic if it mutes the other channel, even if I have it set to “INT MIC”? And why not just use the internal mic. Seriously I never noticed one bit of difference in the sound quality from either source.

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