Yulelads don’t Lie

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      I’m making a seperate topic for this short film because it is very special to me.

      Made with a Sony VX-1000e and a cheap but decent JVC mic (after the Sennheizer one failed).

      A year and a half ago, I met the two actors who I made the Brokeback Mountain spoof with and we threw around some ideas. We settled on this idea and I wrote the script and set up the shooting. The idea was to have it ready for The Reykjavk Film Festival three weeks later. While we were all pretty unprepared script-wise (we read most of our lines from a piece of paper held in front of our faces) there was no time to get a full reshoot (the shot took about five hours) and I really wanted to make the festival. Even with key frames set up wrongly (I was stupid enough to get them to set up the camera a couple of times without checking the image myself… Not that they were doing anything wrong, just not exactly what I wanted) and some others missing (in case you are wondering about the quick cuts and rock music when the shrink first meets the Yulelad) I edited the film and sent it. After getting permission for the music from a local band, it seemed even pretty decent and I still think it’s not bad, but the feedback I’ve got for this short film has mostly been bad. In case you are interested, I’m the third actor which appears.

      So I present it once more in hopes of feedback… Don’t worry I can take anything so feel free to say what’s on your mind.

      Read the description for a further explaination on Yulelads.


      Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vJ9sKf6sOs

      Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLfBk1Srsfw

      Please notice that there are two parts to the film, but feel free to only watch the first one if you are too bored 😉

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