Youtube serious sound delay

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The videos I have uploaded to Youtube recently have all got a long time delay on the sound. When I upload the same videos to Yahoo the sound is as it should be.

I dont think it could be my coding errors because of the Yahoo videos being OK.

Please help me by first watching
At about 1min 04 the shot is from the back of a green car with the plate DIPSY.

You may hear my wife say DIPSY and the my voice saying DIPSY.

So we have established that the soundtrack on the Yahoo version is in sync with the shots.

Now please watch the same video on YouTube at

Again at 1 min 04 is the DIPSY shot, but the DIPSY words are not heard until 1 min 17 seconds, a full 13 seconds later.
Please offer any suggestions, as it ruins my videos.

If a more emphatic demonstration of YouTube is necessary, please watch and take note of the drama in the changes in music here first, then here. DIABOLICAL !

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hmm....that'd odd.

What kind of file are you encoding for Youtube and what settings are you using? Have you tried encoding an H.264 .mov file? That's what I use and I never have problems.

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I??m using Premiere element 7, editing Pal DV tape.
I am self taught, so may be doing this wrong, but the thing is, uploads to Youtube have been without problems until recently, and yet the same video uploaded to Yahoo is perfectly in sync.
I understand the correct way to upload to Youtube is:
I first click the box top right labelled SHARE.
Then I click ONLINE
Next I click on YOUTUBE: upload to you tube. Below this, this preset is FLASH PRESET FOR YOUTUBE.
Gohsted out are: File type FLV/F4V, frame size 320 x 240, frame rate 30.
I now click NEXT
This logs me into Youtube automatically.
I fill in the title, description, tags and category, then click NEXT again.
I elect to share the video or keep private and click on the SHARE box at the bottom.
This gives me the upload screen with the blue bar moving from left to right across the screen.
When the blue bar is all but completely across, I get an error message saying

??Online service encountered an error. The service will now be terminated or paused if possible. 10:Unable to send HTTP request with =GetLastError of 2002.??

I click OK and get options to either try again, try again later or cancel.
I??ve tried the first 2 without success, so always have to cancel.

So, I get around this by clicking on FILE at top left, /export/movie.
This puts the file to the desktop in Quicktime.
I then load the quicktime movie into Quickmedia converter which compresses the file and converts it into an MP4 file which I then upload to Youtube, and then to Yahoo.

The result is that the Youtube has audio sync delay and the Yahoo has not.

Sorry for being long winded about this.

I really appreciate you efforts to help, and if you can suggest a better or correct way, I will be very grateful.


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Thank you to everyone here on the forum, my problem is now resolved.

It was suggested that I upload to Youtube using .mov files, and bingo.

I haven't gotten around to re-uploading my Eustis car show video yet, but just uploaded a complex boat trip using many effects and the sound stays in perfect sync.

Watch it here.

Thank you all so much.