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      ?I’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube before. To those that have, is it possible & without hassle & despite not being a coding whiz to arbitrarily whenever you feel like it at your discretion delete a comment as easy as flipping a switch?

      Also, I see that YouTube did away with the 5 star rating system. Does anyone know what month of 2010 they junked the 5 star rating system?

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      Luis Oscar MaymiLuis Oscar Maymi

      Yes you can delete any comments to videos you uploaded. I’m really disappointed that YouTube remove the 5 star rating system. Don’t know when, but it sure sucks.

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      Youtube got rid of it this month (April 2010). Agreed, it sucks. Plus, did you notice you don’t see what the rating of a video is now until you rate it yourself? Only then do they tell you how many thumbs up vs. down it got.

      I second what Sargehero says; yes, you can delete them as easily as flicking a switch. Currently, you hit the trash can icon and away it goes. You can block those nasty users, too, if you want to, from leaving further comments.

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