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       This year I finally decided to offer a season dvd package for area youth football leagues.  I was originally going to charge $10 per dvd but wised uip and thought that was entirely too low for a month and half worth of filming at 6 to 8 hours every Saturday plus all the editing.

      I now thought to price them at $20 until today a friend of mine who is also a player’s dad said that I could charge between $35-$40.  So any advice on pricing would be greatly appreciated.

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      I’ve been contacted by a dad involved in a local sports team wanting 10 games covered and wanting to know what I’d charge to do this. I’ve not gotten back with him yet, but my usual fee is $300 per game and $10 per DVD. For this, I guarantee covering the entire regular season and assisting, if not providing, in providing coverage for playoffs if the season extends longer.

      I also provide a full-game (field shot – goal pole to goal pole) game DVD on Monday following each game, and a season highlights of about 20 minutes. THAT highlight DVD is delivered following end of season activities and/or an awards or football team banquet, whatever, and often shown that night as well. The highlights DVD is an additional $25 per DVD with a minimum of 20 copies to be sold.

      So, $10 per game DVD sold individually, no minimums, plus $300 per game for guaranteeing full season coverage. $25 for minimum of 20 season highlights DVDs, and a courtesy game DVD to the coach on Mondays following each game, no editing, transfer to DVD only with a title that tells the team names, school, date and final score.

      Projection service for the highlights video, if they do not have their own projector and screen (most do now days) is $375 with equipment and operator, one showing, on site up to 3 hours.

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      I have covered youth, high school and college sports for over 30 years. Most times if I cover youth sports games I give the shoot to the teamleague for free – and because of it 9 out of 10 times I am the guy they turn torecommend in the future for any of their video and or photography needs. I have gotten more work from the families who have players in the youth league than if I bought a banner for the fence at the field. High School and College is a different thing. If I know the student and the student asks me – I do it for free. What it has gotten me is now I have families outside of the area calling to ask if I could film their kid’s game and yes they are charged for my services (the charge depends on how far, the level being played, what credentials I need to get, etc etc). In fact, I have a game 8/26 from a family who was recommended to me from a coach outside of my area – but the coach knew me. In September I fly to OK to film two high school practices and a game – this one came by way of a recommendation from a coach here in Florida to the Coach in OK when they were at a coaching seminar. This past July I shot an MMF event in Knoxville (I was paid for my services) – I was asked to film the event by one of the fighters who remembered me filming his youth and high school football games – I made him a free highlight tape was he was a High School Senior to send off to college (all he had to do was make the copies).

      You get back a hundred fold when you give gifts. Author Seth Godin in his book Linch Pin states that those that give gifts are rewarded beyond expectation. The idea of giving gifts is hard especially when you are trying to pay the bills but, at least for me, in the long run gifts have paid many of my bills.

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      Murani, whatever you attempted to post, it didn’t take, all I see is a blank space. Try again. Earl

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      A full-time independent professional video services provider cannot afford to commit to guaranteeing a 10-game full season of coverage with its unavoidable requests for additional copies and other usual and unusual requests for favors and cutouts, individual stats and clips, etc. I have a business to maintain, expenses to cover and equipment to keep, acquire or repair. I cannot be giving away my production services as a GIFT, regardless of the potential, kisses and promises or any other altruistic reward that MIGHT occur in the future. I have to make an income and maintain some element of daily cash flow to keep this ship running.

      Don’t get me wrong, there are ways and things I do occasionally to generate entry into some aspect of event production. There are extra things I provide to clients an customers to hopefully make them appreciate and continue doing business with me. I also have been known to STILL occasionally shoot a dance recital or such “on spec” meaning I spend the time to shoot and edit with NO minimum orders required and even if only ONE does order (as a get acquainted offer for NEW clients, not established clients). I have NEVER regretted doing this because with NO exceptions I’ve ALWAYS wound up selling as many or more than I do with the clients with whom I DO establish a minimum … usually 25 sales at $25.

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      I hear and understand what you are saying however, the business model I have followed for the past 30 years has always paid the bills, bought new equipment, paid for repairs, maintained cash flow and the like. I have found that there are those you charge and those you don’t and in the end regardless you are rewarded. Weddings. business videos, interviews, special events, etc all come with a price but – charging for shooting a few games for the local Pop Warner league on Saturday morning now nor in the past has ever made good business sense to me. High school and college games are different they come with a price – I have received as much as $1500 plus travel per diem for high school games depending on the school, who the players were and circumstances surrounding the game.

      You state “I have a business to maintain, expenses to cover and equipment to keep,
      acquire or repair. I cannot be giving away my production services as a
      GIFT, regardless of the potential, kisses and promises or any other
      altruistic reward that MIGHT occur in the future. I have to make an
      income and maintain some element of daily cash flow to keep this ship

      I see my gifts of services as a tax benefit – in the end its charity with the bonus of added paid work down the line. Using this business model I have never gone wrong or failed to pay the bills. I now cover 10 southeastern states with more work than I know what to do with and also provide media services for 7 different airlines – all from referrals and recommendations. Success ALL has to do with how you treat the people you want to serve with your business and very little with whether you charged for this DVD or that post production effort of a youth football game or two. Being successful in business has much more to do with relationships between the business (me and or my staff) and the people we are serving with the services our business offers than with the price we are charging. I haven’t shot anything still or video in almost 20 years on SPEC – everything is done with intention (either personal satisfaction or with the intent to make money somewhere along the way). Giving back and being charitable are things successful businesses and successful people do – and, is used to strengthen the relationships needed to be a successful business.

      Please don’t misunderstand me – I am not saying your approach, ideas or pricing are wrong I am just saying what I do works for me.

      So lets agree to disagree on this – we have different ideas and approaches with each of our ideas and approaches filling our individual needs to be successful.

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      Jeff, I failed to make clear: I am discussing high school football games/season coverage, not Pop Warner. Sorry for the misinformation, should have been clearer regarding my fees and services.

      Regarding youth sports groups from soccer to basketball to football or baseball, etc. I work from a different direction where there’s minimum sales and DVDs are sold direct to parents. The league pays nothing.

      No harm, no foul on the business philosophy. Whatever works for you.

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      Parents are buying the DVDs directly from me.  This is pretty much going to be my main focus for the next two months (September & October) and will be devoting some serious time to it.  I spoke to a parent and they think i could charge alot more because parents pay more for pictures than the $20 i’ll be charging for the DVDs.

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