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      My head hurt from doing research. So much available, so much opinions…

      My intentions are primary nature- and environmental
      documentaries secondary.

      I have a ready to use script, found an awesome narrator and now I’m eager to get started, to produce. For years I want to realize my scripts and share it with the world

      I think the “shopping list” hereunder is a decent choice to start.

      Lens: f/3.5 @ +800mm equivalent @16:9 is very reasonable for a non-pro?

      • Canon XL2 MiniDV Camcorder (Body only) $2,849.95
      • Canon 9825A002 20x Zoom Lens – f/1.6 to f/3.5, Covers both 16:9 and 4:3 Aspect Video Requires 72mm Screw Filters $1,569.95
      • BP-970G Battery Pack – 7.2v, 7200mAh 3 X $144.95 $434.85
      • Mini AC/DC Battery Charger for Canon BP-915/930/945/950G/970G $19.95
      • SGM-PDII On-Camera Short Shotgun Microphone $199.00
      • LED-150 Light & Power Kit 3 $229.95
      • PRO-06-HDVM Protouch Lightweight Tripod System $899.95
      • GV-HD700 HDV Video Walkman VCR $1,133.89
      • GMKGMB-72 Matte Box with Base, French Flag and 72mm Adapter $779.95

      Filters and software are not included yet. Have to do some research on that.

      Nothing is final yet. I could change my mind still…

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      Sounds like a plan. SD will still be viable for a few more years and if you’re going straight to DVD or the web you should be good to go.

      You might want to look at this battery. Long lasting and less pricey:

      This charger works great with the 900 series batteries and can hold two at once:

      Don’t forget a tripod!

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      i would consider purchasing some wired lavalier mics. Sony makes a nice model for like, $200

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      Thanks Wolfgang!

      4500MA? Long lasting?

      I missed that charger. Indeed much better.

      Tripod already included in list.

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