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      I am in need of DVD+-R’s. Is this brand any good? I can’t seem to find any reviews of them on line anywhere. But a million stores pop up that carry them.

      Taiyo Yuden Value Line White Inkjet DVD-R 8X


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      I have used the TY plus R at times, but I do use the TY dash R exclusively and have NEVER (not a typo) had one single problem with them. I’d say I have burned thousands over the past few years – no problem, nada, nyet. IMHO TY is the BEST quality blank for the buck. But I do shy away from the Watershed blanks as I have occasionally experienced some balkiness, and have read of others being “sort of” unhappy with those as well although they look GREAT when run through an inkjet printer.

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      My outfit has been using TY for eight months and we’ve used tons of others. Generally, I’d go with Fujifilm DVD-R but they can be pricey. So far, the TY’s have been top notch. They look ‘offbrand’ when the order comes in, but every burn run we’ve made with them has come out 100%. Best of all, if you dig around you can find them at really good prices.

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      Okay. So here’s a question. Most of what I see at the online stores I’ve been sent to (by some on these forums) is TY “Value line”. What’s the difference between that and the… NOT value line… other than a small difference in price.

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      The “difference” in layman’s terms – is EVERYTHING. Get the premium, fuggitaboud the value line. I avoid “value line” products like the plague. Premium = never a reject. Value line anything = I dunno, and am not going to experiment to find out for the few centavos difference.

      You are making the task of what to use way more difficult than it needs to be – time better spent diffusing a bomb or balancing the checkbook. Go with the general consensus.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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