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      Tell me what camcorder or camcorders youve own and presently own and tell me the PROS and CONS about it…or not all that but like things that really attract you to that camcorder like special features or things that are like really bad like malfunctions, things around that…ok

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      AG-DVC20 Panasonic. I love it! It is a SD camera so yes I do wish it were HD, but it has great sound and picture. I like that it is a big camera I can sit on my shoulder. These tiny palm camcorders to me are harder to get a steady shot. I like the mini-dv and firewire. It’s easy to operate and is durable. Long battery life. I haven’t had any tech issues with it.



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      I started with the Canon GL2 and used it for about 4 years. The only 2 things I didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t have XLR connections and it’s not the best in low light situations, although, it’s not like the video was unusable when I did shoot in low light. When you have enough light, the GL2 shoots a GREAT image. Outdoor shooting is where this camera shines.

      I few months ago I sold my GL2 and got a used Sony PD170. The PD170 does have XLR connections and shoots VERY well in low light. The only thing I don’t like about it is the placement of the iris wheel. It’s right behind the LCD, so when you are holding the camera at a low angle and turn the LCD so it’s facing upward, the LCD is now in the way of the iris wheel. It’s annoying, but nothing is perfect.

      When I save up the money, I plan on getting a Panasonic HPX500 or Sony EX3. They’re two very different cameras, so it depends what kind of work I’m doing when the time comes for me to get a new camera.

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      While I may really want a prosumer or pro camera, the money just isn’t there for one now or in the near future. As Rob said, I’d love an EX3 and would settle for a Z1U in a heartbeat. If money were no object then I’d have a Red One.

      All that said, I have only owned two digital camcorders – both consumer models:

      Sony HC40 – Loved it! Features: MiniDV, infrared capable, LANC, time lapse, D/A passthrough, more…

      Sony SR11 – Also love it – Features: hard drive based, high def (AVCHD), external mic jack, headphone jack, super slow mo, infrared, assignable manual wheel (I use it for manual focus but you can assign exposure or other things), low light capable (5 lux), OPTICAL image stabilization, more….

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      Well i owned JVC GZ-MG130EK – 30GB Hard Disk Digital Camcorder from willen trading. It is easy to use, great zoom feature, high resolution in just 234 euro. Cons is it comes with 60 minute battery backup.


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      JVC GZ-HD7


      1 It’s 3 CCD

      2 HD

      3 With acam Light mounted on the shoeit looks like a mini pro cam, when clients ask about the size I tell them it’s not the size of the worm but how you wiggle it.

      4 $700 It paided for it’s self the First month


      No external Mic input, this is a biggie for working in the field. I still get good audio but only after a lot of post production work.

      That’s about it other then the mic Issue it’s a great little starter cam.

      I’m thinking about getting a JVC 110 next, not sure yet. I’m still making good money with the HD7 plus right now all my work is in my studio. When i start doing event’s and other field work i will need a better cam.

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