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      Hello everyone I am a still photog (sports, events) I was given a VX2000 about 9 months ago it was almost brand new still had the stickers on it came with hard case and everything. Anyway a good friend of mine had hired a videographer for her wedding and he backed out right before the event so in a scramble to get some one she asked me. I did it and it came out well for the equipment I was using. Since then I have done two more weddings and everyone of the couples have been very pleased with my work and keep referring me to their friends. I just recently purchased a PD170 with a sony wireless mic system that consists of a transmitter with a lav mic and and diversity receiver.

      Now here is what I need help on from reading the forum I need a digital recorder, I’m thinking of plugging the receiver into the recorder and use the shotgun mic to pic up everything else. From reading this forum everyone is saying mic everyone, I would love to do that but the thing is my prices are cheap because I live in a poor town. The most I can charge is a grand and that is pushing it. So I’m trying to make the best video with the least amount of equipment/Money without sacrificing quallity. Another reason for going a little cheap is the other videographer in town charges my prices and shoots everything on a cheap sony handheld cam. I will probably buy two digital recorders one for the wireless mic and one for the house, Can one recorder record multiple streams?

      So heres what I’m thinking the shotgun mic will catch everything but the ceremony and groom speech and the Wireless mic will catch the rest, considering I have done 3 weddings using the VX2000 onboard mic that should be very exceptable Then in FCE I will put in the ceremony from the DAR. A question on that note is how do I get the audio to sync up from the DAR in FCE (Final Cut EXPRESS HD 3.5)?

      Thanks for the help.

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      I don’t understand why you need a digital audio recorder? I know that certain videographers use them but using the shotgun microphone and a wireless lapel on the groom should be the minimum you need to record a wedding. A better way to record a wedding would be to have a 4 channel mixer that you can mix the house feed (if any), shotgun microphone, wireless lapel on groom, wireless lapel on clergy (if not available through house system).

      If you use a digital recorder, you should be able to export/convert the file using the software that comes with the recorder or using Quicktime Pro to .wav or .mov (audio only). Then, import the file into FCE and all should be well. Just make sure you convert it at the same sampling rate as you recorded the footage (48k or 32k). If you don’t match the sampling rate, your audio will be out of sync over the course of the wedding.

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