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      Hey, I’ve been using my step mum’s JVC Mini DV camcorder to record me playing guitar. But when I play it back on the camorder and the PC, there is no sound. I’ve searched the manual and checked the JVC FAQ’s but found nothing. Please could someone help me out for I’m getting very frustrated. }:-@

      Thanks again guys

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      Hmmm, interesting.

      Do you get audio when you play back the video on the camera itself, or on a television? If so, are you connecting to the PC via the Firewire port? If so, has the camera ever been known to put good files on the computer, with audio?

      It’s possible that the processor that transmits audio over the firewire connection burnt up, but I’d bet it’s just a configuration setting. Windows often misinterprets some cameras. I had terrible luck with JVCs in the past

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