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      to start with let me say that the main thing i am looking for is a camera that is great at shooting sports. i am planning on producing a “game of the week” type show for the internet/dvd/maybe tv for a youth football conference i coach in. i have a consumer grade camera, but quickly realized how limited i was when my friend’s band wanted me to record a show they were playing.

      i was looking at the sony a1u. from a price vs features standpoint it has most if not all of what i need, but i am concerned about it’s low light sensitivity. some games will be at night, under the lights. a lot of bands play in low light locations, and i have some other stuff i want to do that may happen at night or in some other low light situations.

      will the camera be ok in these conditions? am i missing something with the cmos sensors and light sensitivity? i need to make a purchase soon so i can familiarize myself with the camera before it’s showtime.

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      As a canon fan I have to say that if for nothing else, Sony is the best camera (for the price) in lowlight conditions. I looked at the A1u for a while and the only thing that I wasn’t crazy about was it’s size. It seemed to me to be a glorified (or upgraded, however you want to look at it) handycam. I do a lot of events and interviews so stability is a concern for me, but I don’t think it will be as much for you based on what you have said you need it for. You might try laying down the cash for it through a company that alows returns and just play around with it for a few days to see if it will suit your needs, and if not you can always send it back having a better understanding for what will best accomodate you.

      Hope this helps

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