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      Hi, I am a filmmaker looking to make a short film. I have a basic film idea, which I agonized over for a month. I am not what anyone could ever call a good scriptwriter, and I would like to collaborate with someone who’s work is a little bit more palatable.

      My idea is short, less than five minute film

      It is a comedy.

      This is most definitely a low budget short. By that however, I don’t mean that I plan to compromise in any way my artistic choices.

      I plan on submitting this to several contests/festivals. I will give proper credit for any assistance. I will provide any credit that you would like.

      The short is about a man who is incapable of making a simple decision, and the effect that has on his life. That’s a summary of the idea of the film.

      I have a final scene planned out in my head, in which the short is ended. The man is walking dejectedly along when he passes a somewhat shady man leaning against a building. The man asks him for a light, or something like that, then pulls him into the shadows of an alleyway and demands, "Your money or your life!." The man freezes in terror, his eye’s grow wide, and we fade out. I am by no means married to that scene, but I personally feel that it’s a fitting ending.

      However, I really don’t have any idea what I want to do with the rest of the film. I want to keep it short, and thought about starting with his girlfriend dumping him over his inability to make decisions, because he couldn’t tell her what outfit looked better. I am hoping to submit this to a youth film division of the upcoming AFI fest, and I talked with one of the mini-fest directors, who I had worked with previously, and she said she thought I had a good chance of winning.

      Therefore, I am hoping to get this written and shot in about a week in order to get it into this festival. I am hoping to continue to submit it into alternate programs after that, and if you are willing to collaborate, but daunted by the deadline, then I may be willing to rewrite and reshoot after the inital project was sent in to AFI.

      I appreciate any help anyone may have. I am open to script or filmmaking suggestions you guys want to throw in here, and I hope someone is intrigued enough to write me up at

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