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      Hey guys, sorry to be boring and ask another one of these stupid ‘which camera’ threads. I know these are really hard to answer and often there is no good answer for people! But I’ll try anyway (it can’t hurt to ask)!

      So I’ve got a VX2000 right now. I’m looking to get a second camera. I’m not interested in much, but I’d like it to fit somewhat in this critera if possible:
      fairly small (size of the hand-held consumer cameras)
      I’d like a mic-in so I can use my XLR adapter when I get it (Haven’t decided on SignVideo or Beachtek just yet)
      1 CCD is fine

      Basically, I’m looking for a lower-end consumer-like camera. My idea is that I’ll use this for several things. First, it will be used as a behind-the-scenes kind of camera that I can run b-roll on during shoots. Secondly, it will be a camera that the actor(s) can hold to film themselves to get that look like what Bear Grillis does on the TV show Man Vs. Wild (Discovery Channel).

      I really don’t care about it being top of the line, but I’d just not like to spend too much on it.

      I’ve been looking at the Canon ZR500 (only ZR with mic-in). I’ve also been glancing a bit at the Canon Elura 60. Anyone have any insight on these cameras or similar ones? I know you guys will probably cringe at 1CCD camera that are this low end, but I see it as a ‘bang around’ kind of camera. I don’t want to spend too much money on it because of this and also because I think I’m trying to be a film student here (:-P) and because of that I don’t have too much money for this.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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      do you need that night-shot capability – or will there always be available lighting? I think that will narrow down your choices.

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      I don’t need the night shot mode. I don’t really need the mic-in port, but I thought it would be good so I can plug in my shotgun if I wanted and have a bit better audio out of the camera.

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      The ZR800, selling for $249 at B&H, has a mic input (but the ZR850 does not). Also, the Elura 100 got a good review on this website. And the review states that it has a mic input.
      Good luck, πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      I probably should have mentioned that I’m not set on Canon. I could go with any brand (JVC, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, etc).

      I also was hoping to spend a little less than the ZR800 (though it’s a nice camera!). That’s why I was looking into possibly trying to find a used ZR500 or such.

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