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      Hi there everyone, I’m editing some videos I may and compressed under the VXid codec in Sony Movie Studio Platinum 9.0. When I try to view the videos in a detail of good or higher, the video just doesn’t play, but the sound works fine. GSPot reports the videos are fine, and I can play them fine in something like movie maker. So does anyone know how I can fix this specific problem?

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      So, can someone help?

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      The problem may occur while exporting the video, but I doubt this is the case. I have editing software that can import, edit, and export MPEG-2 video from my JVC Everio camcorder. When I try to play it back on my PC (Windows Media Player), I get the “Codec Aquired” message then it simply does not play. In simpler terms, my computer (other than my PowerDirector editor) does not recognize MPEG-2. Try exporting and then re-importing it into your editor and see if it will play.

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      But my movie is all ready completely edited. And I’m pretty sure just exporting will bring the black screen.

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