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      hi im making a counter-strike video, for those of you know what that is.

      i have an XVID compressor and i use “1stpass – quality” compressor

      after i export the movie, my filesize is ok, but the video gets glitches. basically the image is not clean throughout the whole video.

      can someone help me with which settings i should use?


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      Set your encoder to 2 -pass compression capabilities try that (if it’s available). If that doesn’t work make another post with some of your general settings made on the videos you’ve had problems with.

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      yes i do have 2pass, but i dont know how to work it =/

      my settings are:

      motion search precision (0-6)
      quantization type
      FourCC used
      VHQ mode

      max i frame interval
      min i frame interval

      packed bitstream

      those are all the global settings

      the tabs are: global, quantization, two pass, alt curve, credits, debug

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      other settings in the global are:

      enable lumi masking
      enable interlacing
      enable greyscale
      use chroma motion
      global motion compensation

      max b-frames
      b-frame quantizer ratio
      b-frame quantizer offset

      DX50 B-VOP compatibility
      print debug info on each frame

      OK, those are ALL the global settings options
      just incase you need to know
      i usually turn off all the “enable” options.. right?

      im confused =/

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      when you right click on other movies i have and look at properties,
      in the summary tab, the video sample size is 24bit and the video compression is just “XVID”.

      mine says the sample size is 32bit and the compression is “DivX codec”,
      even after i export with the “XviD MPEG-4 codec”.

      any idea how i can get the right compressor?

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      Are you posting these videos to the web or Cd-rom?

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      well both actually..

      if youre talkin about what filesize i want, im trying to be under 300mb for about 11-13 minutes of video.

      when i export my movie im ok with the filesize, but it looks like every single frame isnt coming out clearly. and i see glitches during the movie. plus the video comes out a lot darker than how it shows in the preview from adobe premiere.


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