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      Hello all, long time without posting (But I’ve been reading a lot of other posts).

      I think this is the right section of the forum; if it’s not, please move it to where it should be.

      I have a VX2000 camcorder and I’m looking to add a shotgun mic to have more flexable and higher-quality sound. I had admired the Beachtek DXA-4 since it was designed specifically for the VX line of Sony camcorders and from what I read, it’s considered the industry standard.

      However, I don’t want to break the bank in getting this (I’m a college student, so money is pretty tight).
      Then I saw the XLRPRO from SignVideo. It seems to be pretty similar in specifications and gives similar options?

      So is there a reason to spend more on the Beachtek? Is it higher quality and/or is it worth getting just because it’s size is exactly the right size for my camcorder?

      I’m planning on buying a Rode NTG-2 microphone since it seems to be one of the cheapest ‘professional’ quality mics out there (I’d go with the NTG-1, but I can’t afford a mixer at this point for Phantom Power, so spending a few dollars more on the NTG-2 actually saves me money in the short term). Not sure if that will make a difference in which adapter I should choose? With this mic, I plan to use it with either a short XLR cable (1.5 foot probably) or a long XLR cable (20 feet probably on a boom pole, with a shock mount of course!).

      I have been looking on places like ebay for a while, and it looks like the DXA-4’s go for around $100. Most of these auctions claim either new or lightly used. I would imagine there’s not too much that could break on these, so does that seem like a pretty safe way to get one of these for fairly cheap?

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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      You’re on the right track to find a XLR-1/8″ jack adapter for your camcorder, as Beachtek and SignVideo have product offerings. Other companies with product offerings in this space include:

      http://www.juicedlink.com – Mounts to camera. All include preamplifier. Options include phantom, 2-4 XLR inputs, audio meter.

      http://www.studio1productions.com – Doesn’t mount to camera, and no phantom or preamp option. Option for 3 XLR input. Plastic case.

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