xlr to 1/2 cable vs Beachtek adapter

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      I shot with a DSLR and I have been looking into getting an xlr adapter box such as the one made by Beachtek so I can use xlr mics. After thinking, I was wonder what the difference would be if I just bought an xlr to 1/8 (1/8 goes into my dslr) cable as long as my mic is powered? Thats $10 vs $300…am I missing something here?

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       You didn’t give enough information – those boxes such as Beachtek are not simply changing connector types, there is a lot more going on than having the right connector. Those boxes often do things like level changing (say, from line level to mic level), impedance matching, converting balanced outputs to unbalanced inputs, etc. Some of them will use batteries which assists the phantom power issue, but many are entirely passive.

      Many powered mic’s are for balanced inputs whereas most 1/8″ camera inputs are unbalanced stereo. An XLR to 1/8″ adapter may provide a mono-only output but there are Y-type cables that would allow two XLR mic’s to feed a single 1/8″ stereo camera input. If that is all you need accomplished then yes, an adapter should suffice.

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      Yeah I’m just referring to real quick on the the go shooting. I’d use external recording for productions. I’ve heard a couple sound tests and it doesn’t sound bad. Thanks for your input.

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