XL2s for less that $2000?!?

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    hell I didn’t say I was actually buying it there 😯

    I’m not that stupid, I just said: "makes you wonder"

    The quantifier "almost" also implies that I was not going to buy it.

    You people are crazy!!! X-D

    The sad thing is that the internet is still a hot-bed for unethical buisiness practices. oh well.

    By the way, I’ve only ever priced for B&H and that is where I am buying my camera, regardless of prices elsewhere.

    I have a fealing the lens is not included with Centurty 21’s model anyway πŸ˜€

    I still wish Canon would just sell direct, or that their prices would drop now that the XLH is out, but alas such is professional equipment… it does not significantly decrease in price…


    Now that I made the above post I kinda wish I had actually posted this message instead, just to mess with you guys:

    "What? I just bought that camera you mean they are going to con me?!"

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    Yeah… for the most part, if a price for a certain camera sounds to good to be true… it is. There have been several posts regarding these backstreet websites and online stores here in the past. Making decissions with your wallet in mind can sometimes bite you in that same wallet.

    Hank is right, [http://www.resellerratings.com] is probably the best place to check out these operations. I actually get a kick out of reading the horror stories listed on some of these sites. Pretty sick… hey? X-D


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    compusolver Wrote:

    Aww, Thomas – what happened to your faith in humanity?? X-D

    Faith.. in humanity?!?! I would have more faith in humanity of they were cute and fuzzy.

    Thomas’ vision of a new humanity:

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