XL2 or PV-GS400?

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      Greetings. This may seem like a silly question to
      some, but here goes. . . . .

      I would like to get some feedback. I currently have a XL2 and
      considering selling it for 2 PV-GS 400 or 1 PV-GS400 and a PV-GS 500. I
      will be using the cameras for performance / theater videos. Low light
      is a concern, although I do have stage lighting and a couple video
      light packages. Another reason I am considering selling the XL2 is it’s
      quite large. For example, I wanted to record my daughter in a parade
      today but really didn’t want to lug around the XL2, the PV-GS would
      have been with me today if I had one.

      Image quality is my main concern, all the extra bells and whistles is
      not as much of a concern. Being able to sell 1 camera for 2 is also
      appealing. 1 for closeups and one for full stage shots. I realize the
      XL2 is a higher quality product, I guess the main thing I wanted to
      know from those in the field who have experience with both if there is
      really much of a difference in video quality.

      I’m not taking lighting and techniques into consideration, and I do
      realize the XL2 is the standard workhouse and more of a higher end
      prosumer cam, but again, looking at my end product, will there really
      be much difference the image quality. Or will be only be something
      noticeable when doing an A-B comparison?

      Any thoughts?
      I appreciate any feedback you may share

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