XL2 or AG-DVX100A? Camcorder for short films, Help needed

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      I’m looking at getting a professional camcorder after spending several years with a lower-end Canon ZR40. I want to make short films and have the option of transferring it to film. I’ve been looking at the Canon XL2, Sony HVR-Z1, Panasonic AG-DVX100A, AG-HVX200, and even the newly announced Canon HDV camera. I have a budget of around $8000(been saving up a while). If anyone could give me their opinions on what I should do it would be of much help.

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    Save your self some time and anguish and get a JVC GY-HD100U its in your buget its the easiest to transfur to film its has a proffessional lense and the footage is awsome you can get the camera and the deck for under 8k so whats to think about you have your answer so go buy and make films.

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