XL2 and Wireless Mic Problem!!!

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      I have a Canon XL2 with an Audio Technica wireless lapel mic system (with transmitter and receiver). I’m trying to get the camera to recognize the audio coming in from the wireless, but it’s not working. If I switch Audio Input 1 to front mic and Input 2 to Rear (the receiver plugs in with an XLR adapter), then only the front mic will be recorded. If I put Input 1 to Rear as well as Input 2, then the wireless is recorded. I can’t seem to record both front mic and wireless mic at the same time; the camera only records the front mic when I try to record both. Has anyone run across this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

      I have already changed the Audio settings in the menu to all channels 12 bit.

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      Did you try every single possible option as far as combinations go?

      I am borrowing my school’s XL2 now, and and Audio Technica wireless lav, but it connects via 1/8". I also have a boom mic that connects via XLR, so I might be able to help you there. Are you trying to get audio just from the lav, or from both?

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