XL2 and a Laptop with no Firewire

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      It’s been a while since I’ve been here. My equipment was sold but I’ve since gotten it back and now I’m trying to build up a portfolio but need some help. The laptop I have to use has no Firewire ports so I went out and picked up a couple options.

      1. a Firewire to USB cable

      2. A RCA plug to USB capture box.

      I use option 1 and my camera says DV In and not DV Out so it wont hook to the computer

      I use Option 2 and the red light comes on on the box but the computer does not show it’s connected.

      Is there a way to connect the Canon XL 2 into my Compaq laptop?

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      Try getting an adapter (they used to be PCMCIA, I don’t know what they are now) with a FireWire port.

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      To fill in ‘Cat’s input, if your laptop’s been made in the last 4 years it will have either an express card slot or a cardbus. Express Cards are more common and they are reminiscent of the old PCMICIA jammies just with a smaller connection interface. You can get them with firewire and continue to use your XL2. Another option is to just pick up a portable harddrive recorder or a flash card based recorder to download your footage directly from the camera. Doing a direct download from the portable device or flash media cards is much simpler (and less hassle than straight capture from tape.)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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