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      Hello all.
      Well ive had my XL1 for about two months now and I’m alrdy having a lens problem. Im not sure whats going on. I seem to put it on there right but then it says “check lens.” The thing is, i used it about an hour before i went to use it again and had this problem. If anyone knows anything about lens’s for XL1’s it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much! Alfonso.

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      The “Check lens” error message appears if no lens is mounted, lens is not mounted fully, or there is a communication problem between the lens and body (which could be as simple as dirty contracts – or far mor serious). If you can get hands on another XL1, try its lens to isolate the problem to the lens or body.

      Otherwise, dismount the lens, check the contacts on the body and the lens, clean with swab and denatured alcohol if needed. Remount. If the problem persists, remove the main battery -and- the back-up (watch) battery for an hour or so. Replace and check. If the problem persists, get your checkbook out and send the camera to service.

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      hey thx! got it to work, i’m not sure what it was.

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