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      I have an XL-2 and a GL-2. Recently I bought a shotgun mic (using the beachtech adapter on the GL-2). On the XL-2 I notice more of the ‘analog hiss’ than on the GL-2. Any suggestions? I’m not using any type of direct box or adapter on the XL-2and the Shotgun mic uses XLR connections.

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      Sometimes audio equipment has a hiss. Newer programs, such as Soundtrack Pro in Final Cut Studio 2 and whatever Adobe’sequivalentis, have a “Noise Reduction” function. It works really well.

      If don’t have the noise reduction feature in your audio program, apply a high pass and low pass filter to your clips.

      High pass filters allow frequencies ABOVE a certain point to pass through the filter. This is good for blocking bass frequencies. For dialogue, set it to 90Hz and move it up slowly, but don’t move it up too high.

      Low pass filters allow frequencies BELOW a certain point to pass through the filter. This is good for a hiss or buzz. Start at 10KHz and slowly move it down, but generally not below 8KHz.

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      Thanks robgrauert!!! I’m using Sony Vegas Pro 8 and toyed around and found the high & Low pass filters. It also has several eq’s to use to isolate the specific frequencies.

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