XHA1s white balance fine-tune of indoor and outdoor -9 to+9

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      Hello All.I have a Canon XHA1s.On page 65 of the manual it shows how to fine tune the preset modes of indoor and outdoor.Neutral value is+-0.You can give these presets a value between -9 and +9.I called Canon technical support and they were not able to give me a temperature number for these various values.They told me to use the Kelvin value dial to set the desired color temperature.Has anyone used these different values?And if they have,what do the -9 to +9 value equal in Kelvin temperature?Thank you.Linda

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      Might be an idea to shoot a white card clip at 0 -3 -6 and -9 and +3 +6 and +9

      View the differences between the cools and the warms. It is a starting point.

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