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      Hi All-

      Have recently jumped into videography with both feet, hoping to expand my web development background with video since bandwidth is slowly improving for most folks. Got my new Canon XHA1s last week after much research, a very amazing piece of equipment. I’m a real noob with the camera, settings, etc. so thanks for your patience.

      I use Firewire to connect my Canon to my MacBook Pro, which is attached via firewire to an external 1TB hard drive. I use Adobe’s CS4 apps so I simply set up and shoot in my studio using OnLocation and when I’m done I take the drive and connect it to my Godzilla-like Mac Pro machine (16 gb, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc). I’ve generated some pretty cool chroma key footage right away, I’m very pleased. But I did it locally and built QuickTime and .FLV files so everything looks great in QuickTime and Flash until I try and post to YouTube. I’d like to post my movies to as many places as I can online and I’d like to take advantage of HD.

      My questions: Does anyone know of the proper settings to use for a XHA1s camera to capture footage in the appropriate signal for HD? I don’t really plan to view much, if anything, on a TV or broadcast medium so I’ve been pursuing the square pixel settings for the computer screen as best I can, but I’ve been getting varying results with the quality, squished images, etc. I’m still wrapping my head around the appropriate pixel aspect ratio to use so places like YouTube will not distort my files. Like I said I’m almost completely in a studio (backdrops, lighting, tripod, lavalier mics) and going full force for content on the web. If anyone has any advice, specific or otherwise, on how best to shoot and post produce my footage (I’ve been using After Effects CS4 so far) I’d be grateful. And if you’re ever in Denver, there’s a beer in it for your troubles πŸ™‚

      Thank you in advance and my apologies if I posted this in the wrong section.


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      As a follow up, I found Encoding Video for Adobe CS4 on macprovideo.com. While it cost about $25, it was easily worth much more than that. It absolutely filled in all of the holes that were left after my “power weekend” working with lynda.com lessons, Adobe’s Classroom in a Book and Anthony Bolante’s After Effects CS4 Visual Quickstart Guide. If you’re like me and just getting started with video, video editing and posting online video I can’t suggest this video series enough; Adobe should include these videos with it’s video software and Flash too.

      Anyway, hope this helps someone else fill in the gaps.


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      >>>”If you’re like me and just getting started with video, video editing and posting online video I can’t suggest this video series enough”

      I’m glad to hear you’re starting right off the bat with After Effects, it’s going to make you a 50% more efficient editor/compositor.

      If you want some really cool training, video copilot has a very good basic training course:


      When you’re done with that, check out some of his other free tutorials:


      When you’re through with those, buy some of his graphics and SFX collections so he can stay in business. πŸ˜‰

      Like this plugin for AE:


      Or this:


      or this one too:


      Thissite will equip you with everything you need to know about AE so that you can really start mastering the program….

      When you start getting really comfortable, move on to learning about expressions….these are very powerful programing codes used within AEthat are necessary for some serious FX and adding additional elements of professionalism.

      You’ll find some tutorials that address different render settings, but they’re not very comrhensive andthey don’tdiscussesencoding HD for the internet.

      I’ll try to put together an extensive list of encoding techniques for various types of HD formats and aspect ratiosand what they’re used for…maybe I’ll make a little encoding video tutorial if I can muster up enough gumption.

      When you’re ready, you can move on to integrating 3dinto AE:

      Check this out….


      Welcome to AE!

      Have Fun!

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