XH-A1S or FX-1000 ?

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      Hi guys, im living in southamerica at the moment, im doing a monthly program for a hydroelectrical company, i have being working with a sony vx2000 but i want now to jump to the hd market, theres no much choices here in peru but i can buy the Canon XH-A1S or the Fx-1000 here.

      So i would like to know , wich one ? i want to record stock footage also, and make the monthly program and few other projects, like small documentaries, conferences, etc..

      and also theres a lot of wind here, im recording in the sierra ( like in the andes ) strong wind , which microphones can you guys recommend me to buy ? omni or cardiod ? im doing a lot of interviews to people in there towns in the andes.

      thanks again

      Ps: sorry for my bad grammar , english not my 1st language.

      Thanks and be safe

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      I’ll go ahead an recommend the FX 1000.

      They are similar cameras but the FX 1000 is newer and has some advantages like better low light capabilities.

      I’ve also heard of some minor inconveniences with editing footage from the Cannon. You may have to make some modifications depending on the NLE you choose to use if you go with the Cannon.

      …btw, you don’t have to be sorry for your grammar…knowing multiple languages is quite noble…

      I find South American accents to berather refreshing…. 🙂

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      Thanks Coreece !

      I will be buying a fx1000 this weekend 😀

      Thanks again for your advice

      Take care and yes thanks again

Viewing 2 reply threads
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