XH-A1 vs. XH-G1: Is the bigger pricetag worth it?

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      Okay, in lieu of derailing another great thread, I decided to ask this here. Someone recently posted that they’re using an XH-G1s for a “side hobby” business. Now, I do video for a living, and when I go HD (and no, believe it or not, I’m still SD!) I figure that the A1 (well, if I buy new, the A1s) Is more than enough camera, and the price jump to get a G1 isn’t worth it.

      So I’m curious, what sort of situations would make the G1 (or G1s) shine above the A1? Thow me a bone here, people.

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      Well, I just bought two camera systems two weeks ago and had the same exact question. Basically I could order two XH-G1S or three XH-A1S. While I really wanted a third camera, I went with the two G1Ss. Thereasons are two-fold: 1)being able toset up both cameras to the same time code (free-run) thus making post-production MUCH easier; and 2) toenable futureproduction capabilities ofhooking up the cameras to a field switcher for real-timeediting.I hope this helps…


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      The big diff is the G1 has the HD/SDI connectors. With those you can hook your cam to a compatible capture device or deck and get uncompressed video. The only other way to do that is through an HDMI out which many cameras don’t possess. Is it worth the extra 2-3k for that? Only if your workflow requires it.

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