XH-A1 vs HDR V1U

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      Im looking into buying, possibly 3 HDV Camcorder in use at my church. I have been looking at Canon’s XH-A1 and Sony’s HVR V1U. I’ve been struggling over this issue. The camcorder that we use has to have at least a 20x zoom because of the size of the room. My main concern is how the cameras will handle low light because there will be neededunder theatrical lighting. We will probably use the camera in 60i mode so the whole p vs. f means vary little to me. I have also read that the Sonys color sampling out of the component out is 4:2:2 and the Canon’s is 4:2:0 is this true?

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      The poll is not working! It’s one of those DieBold machines isn’t it!?

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      I saw some hanging chads on the floor. Must have come from the poll reader. πŸ˜€


      I’m tempted to vote for the V1U, since that would be much better for what I want to do. But different videomakers have different needs. I suspect the A1 is the better choice for your needs. From what I’ve read, the A1 will have slightly better low-light performance. And you can save a couple hundred dollars by getting the A1 instead of the V1U. Sure, the V1U should have slightly better color, but Canon aint no slouch in the color department. BTW, are you really sure you need hi def? If not, the Sony VX2100 would be a great choice for low-light work.


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      We are building a new worship center that seats 1500+ people, and the cameras that we buy now we will be stuck with for a number of years. So if we don’t go hi def we wont for a long time. thanks for recommending the VX2100, but it is lacking in the zoom at only 12x.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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