XH-A1 to DVD (with FCS2)

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      Okay so this past summer I started my own production company. I only did game tapes forathletes, so anywhere from 2-7 minutes.

      As my company is growing, I am being asked to do larger projects like filming full hockey, lacrosse, basketball games for teams.

      I am having some issues getting the video on to SD- DVD in a hassle-free way.I shoot everything in HD at 60i. I am using a Macbook Pro withFinal Cut Studio 2.

      Anyone with a similar set-up or any knowledge want to help me out?



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      Are you trying to put HD video on a regular DVD? I believe you need Blu-Ray disks. But since no one has Blu-Ray players, there’s no point.

      So after you’re done editing you need to convert your HD timeline to the DV/DVCPro NTSC codec. Then burn that to a regular DVD.


      Convert to SD on the import of the footage and edit in SD.

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      I guess I’m going to have to see what is the best here. My camera has a built in down converter so maybe thats the best bet.

      And I’ll try DVCPro.

      Just got to see what has the best time/quality ratio.



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