XH A1 Speaker suddenly no sound!

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      i was viewing the tape on my XH A1 the sound was playing well just now but then suddenly the sound goes strange and then no sound???!
      i then plug the headphone on, and i can hear the sound clearly.

      does it mean the speaker is broken?

      omg i dont want to get to to repair its new…

      does any one knows how long does canon takes to repair a problem like this?

      its very strange i keep hitting the speaker and the sound comes back, but then the sound isnt very good, just sounds like transmission from the radio!

      i saw too very tiny screws besides the speaker, do you think i can open them and take a look?

      anyways the sound is now coming off, but when i hit the speaker it sort of come back,

      something is loose inside?

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      Don’t hit it! PLEASE don’t hit it! That won’t fix anything.

      This could be linked to the flip out screen – when it’s out the speaker is active but when it’s in the speaker disconnects. Is that fully out?

      But don’t start removing screws and tinkering because you’ll void any warranty and if something more major goes wrong, you won’t be covered.

      Can you return it to the place you bought it from?


Viewing 1 reply thread
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