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      Hey everyone,

      So I was just at my cottage and as I was sitting on the dock, I saw how the sun sat perfectly over the bay at the other end of the lake. So I grabbed my camera (XH-A1 with no adapter) and went to video the sun, with stock footage in mind :). Now I have had my A1 for a while but haven’t yet video-taped the sun. When I was filming the sun I noticed how there was a grid ofilluminatedcircles around the sun. No matter where I moved the camera they were still there. I always shoot in Manual mode so I fooled around with aperture, shutter speed, gain, ect ect. Nothing seemed to work.

      Is there a way to eliminate this grid and get a better lens flare? I think it might have to do something with the CCD censors on the camera but I am not too sure.

      Thanks in advance!

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      did the recorded video look the same? it wouldn’t be surprising if the grid of circles were artifacts on the LCD display.

      otherwise, i’d have to actually see at least a still frame capture of what you are describing. there are are a lot of factors at play, most of them revolving around the lens itself. most pick-up problems disappear as the iris closes down and would occur anytime you pointed it at any bright spot, including specular highlights. since you didn’t mention this, i’m thinking it is either a display artifact or refractions by the lens.

      check it out & let us know what you find.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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