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      I have had the xh a1 camera for a while and I want to get the best picture quality possible, does anybody have any ideas? Tips or something I could use? Getting into the advance functions in it.
      Thank you so much!

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      I’d say be wary of tinkering too much with settings until you know what they’re actually doing as there is a ton of adjustments that can be made, as you’ve no doubt discovered, and it can all go wrong pretty quickly. Nothing that can’t be put right, of course, but I just got into a complete mess trying to do it that way.

      I’m no expert with my A1 so I simply downloaded some presets for various settings and they give me everything I need without all the hassle. Can’t remember where I got them from but if you google vividrgb preset, which is one of the ones I use, you’ll no doubt find them.

      Or someone here will have a direct link for you, I’m sure.


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      Get the dvd “Inside the Canon XH A1 & G1” by “VASST” at Vasst.com. It goes very deep into the menu’s, suck it up like a sponge.

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