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      I am going to be making commercials and business profiles for local companies for TV and Internet use. I need an all around good cam. I was hoping I might get some advice for my venture. I have heard the XH A1 is the best cam out for the price. Is this true? I have about 3,800 to blow on a new cam and don’t want to make a bad decision. That’s why I am here and your advice would very helpful. Thank you in advance for your help

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      I use the XH-A1 and a Sennheiser lav setup for that type of stuff and it has never once left me wishing I had bought something else. Excellent camera.

      The best there is for the money? Don’t know. Users of something else may/will/probably have different opinions. But the A1 definitely is up to the job.

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      I have used the a1 for the past mounth now, and WOW, it is great. The cam has a picture quality of cameras twice it’s price.
      For what you what to do with it is what the camera was made to do. I have seen some of it’s footage on the discovery HD theater an I kid you not it looks just like the larger 30,000 cams.

      This is the best cam in the line up of v1u,JVC 110u,z1u,dvx100, and maybe in some cases the hvx200.
      You will not be dissapointed with this great cam.
      So far, it has served me well!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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