XF300 vs XL-H1A

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      My trusty XL2 has served me well, but I’m tempted to upgrade to high def. I really like the Canon control over the image so I’m looking at the XL-H1A and the XF300. I’ve seen examples on youtube about cmos wobble etc. I was curious if the XF300 suffered this effect. And, I’m not sure of the image quality difference between the two (HD vs. HDV). I want a good picture, but the cmos wobble for 24p makes me a little nervous for that high of an investment. Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

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      I’ve had the Canon XHA1 for a couple years and I love it…BUT, if there is one thing I could do without it’s TAPES. One two occasions over a 100 tapes or so, I’ve had a bad tape and unrecoverable footage. And capturing is finicky for some reason; 25% of the time I have to recapture (PPro CS3). Also, I don’t live in a big town and, within the last year, all 3 local vendors have dropped out of the DV Tape business so I now pay shipping on my tapes. I get the hint! The XF300 would be my choice.

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      Thanks Bruce. I had an instance with a GL2 a couple of years ago. Moving equipment from a cold car into a church to do a children’s play and the interior of the cam condensated. Not enough to set off the error, but just enough to give some bad footage every so often during the play. Luckily the XL2 was my main cam and the GL was just B-roll to use for cuts etc. so I know what you mean about tape problems. Only thing is I’ve heard some horror stories about the cards not reading correctly and footage lost. My main concern about the XF300 is the CMOS sensors. Footage on Youtube shows some bad CMOS wobble. These are mainly on consumer cams though. I don’t know how bad the Pro cams like the XF300 suffer this.

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      I myself have been looking into the XF300, and I was wondering the same exact thing. Right now I shoot a lot on a Canon 5d Mark II, which is known to have a lot of issues with rolling shutter. However, I have been able to control it 95% of the time by controlling the camera and making my moves as smooth as possible.

      At the end of Shane Hurlbut’s seminar at Canon Expo this year someone asked him how he dealt with the rolling shutter issue with the Caonon 5d Mark II on his new feature (Act of Valor). He basically said that if the camera operator controls the camera well it’s not a problem, and that the only time they noticed an issue was when the muzzle flash from one of the M4 rifles was shot right next to the lens. Similar to a flash going off.

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      Thanks Jeff. Good camera movement is key. Even with CCDs when recording at 24p it’s important to use good camera handling to overcome the strobing effect. On another site I read where BBC approved the XF series for use. The person preparing the report mentioned that the XF series performed as good or even better than other cams in its class on most aspects of the test. But for CMOS wobble, it performed no better than other brands.

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