XF100 vs iMovie 11

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OK, I lied. The real question is, is there some way to use the Canon MXF format (from a Canon XF100) to work with iMovie 11. I don't think I need FCP, as I am doing a simple documentary, with single camera, mostly interviews, nothing fancy at all.

The Canon website lists FCP compatibility, but that adds another 10%+ at least to the price of the camera, plus a whole new learning curve (i.e. massive time sink) I'd rather not go through.

I have found some 3rd party converters that claim to do the job, and they aren't expensive ($35), but on closer inspection, the software is actually coded in Russia, and I have a bad feeling about getting infected with a virus on my Mac.

Any experience and/or advice with this ? Please spare me the "man up and use a real pro editor" advice. I'm not a pro, I already have a complicated day job, I have limited time to spare learning another tool I mostly don't need just to get file compatibility.

Help !!!

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Have you looked at free things like iMedia Converter or Handbrake?

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The only editor that I have found that works 100% without converting is Premiere Pro CS5.5. I went the route of trying to convert etc and yes some work but nothing is like working with the MXF file natively (no plug-ins and snap-ins or converting) - load the file drop it on the sequence timeline and off you go. iMovie is geared towards the consumer world. The xf100 is considered a pro camera with a highend file format. With all that said there is a product I have seen http://www.aunsoft.com/import-mxf-p2-mxf-to-imovie-edit-mxf-in-imovie/ that will work for what you are trying to do. They have a trial version you can test with.

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To edit Canon MXF files in iMovie, Aunsoft Video Converter for Mac is a good choice. It could easily convert MXF/P2 MXF to iMovie native format AIC mov (Apple InterMeidate Codec) for importing into iMovie without problem.