Xeon 3.4 single processor or 2 Quad 2.4 for video editing?

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      Should I upgrade to a2 Quad computer 2.4, from Dell or HP, or is my current computer faster for editing video?

      This is my current computer:

      Processor 3.40GHz/1MB Xeon 800FSB
      OS Windows XP Professional
      Cache Memory 1 MB L2
      Memory 2 GB DDR2-400 ECC reg
      Optical Drive Lightscribe DVD-DL
      Maxtor SCSI Hard Drive 136 GB
      2 – Seagate 73GB SATA hard drives 10,000 RPM
      NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI Express

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      are you doing HDV or SD work. Your current setup is fine for Vegas, except for storage and capture. I would definitely recommend larger hard drives for capture and rendering since 1 hour of dv or hdv is 13 gigabytes. And make sure you are capturing and rendering to a drive OTHER than your system drive.


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      I like Quads… but your system should be good for SD work. I second Johnboy. Get more storage space. It’s so cheap nowadays. I think 500GB is like 129 on http://www.newegg.com.

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