Xeon 3.4 or 2 Quad, which is faster?

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      Would a 2 Quad 2.4 computer (Dell or HP)be faster than my current computer for video editing?

      My computer:

      Processor 3.40GHz/1MB Xeon 800FSB
      OS Windows XP Professional
      Cache Memory 1 MB L2
      Memory 2 GB DDR2-400 ECC reg
      Optical Drive Lightscribe DVD-DL
      Maxtor SCSI Hard Drive 136 GB
      2 – Seagate 73GB SATA hard drives 10,000 RPM
      NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 PCI Express

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      Yes a dual quad 2.4 would blow away your old Xeon system. I used that processor in a dual configuration on my workstation at my old job and let me tell you my little dual core 1.6GHz Mac mini is almost as fast as it. The new intel Quads blow the doors off of my little DC mini. Not sure if I would go with Dell or HP but either will be super fast comparedto what your using now.

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