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      Hello all, thanks in advance for your help. I recently bought a pmw-ex1. I also bought a sony card reader and started to offload footage onto a WD mybook, via my old Mac G4 and usb, which needless to say took forever. The first time I offloaded footage it was in a file called BPAV. The next time I tried to drag and drop the folder from the card reader it prompted me to change the name of the folder so as not to have to overwrite the existing folder on the external. Standard procedure. I did so and changed the name of the folder to BPAV 2. I did this several more times with different names. I was never able to view the clips on my G 4 but I knew the info was there because the folders took up gigabytes of space on the external. I even more recently bought a macbook pro and downloaded the sony clip viewer for xdcam clips (mpeg4s). When I opened the clipviewer app it could only find the clips that were actually IN the original BPAV folder. The other folders it could see, but not the clips in them. I copied one of the folders onto my hard drive and renamed it BPAV, and sure enough the clipbrowser could see the clips. When I tried to take the contents of one of the renamed folders ad copy it into either of the folder named BPAV it could not see those clips.

      What have I done wrong? And how do I fix it? I just want to view the clips in the sony clipbrowser for now. I don’t have Final Cut Pro on my computer yet. I won’t be able to buy the Final Cut Studio until the first of next month.

      Thanks again,

      Russell Holcomb, Boulder Colorado

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