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      When I first got my XDCAM EX3 and started test shooting I thought
      I had made a big mistake, the vision was shocking. Then a cammo said have ya tweaked the
      settings yet? I went online looking for
      XDCAM settings but found very few…so I thought I would share these ones.

      Here are the settings
      adjustments that differ from the default….


      Gain Setup: use -3/0/6 as defaults, preferably shooting with 0
      where possible,-3 gives just 90IRE

      Shutter: Angle: 180 (this is the angle of a filmcameras shutter given
      25fps that comes to an exposure of 1/50th)

      Filcker Reduce: off

      TLCS: AGC limit: 12, AGC point: F/2.8, A.Sht point: F/5.6 (this all is
      limiting the iris aperture versus the automatic gain control, so we dont get
      lower dan a F/5.6) i personally use manual iris.


      • Marker: Aspect Select: 14:9
      • Zebra: Zebra-1 level: 70 (our over-exposure
        early-warning-system for the caucasian skin), show both


      • i.Link I/O: Enable
      • Video Format: HQ 1080/24p or 1080/25p (NTSC or


      • Matrix: On, High-Sat, Level 0, Phase -5, R-G
        75, R-B 0, G-R -18, G-B -23, B-R -27, B-G 13. This gives a beautifully
        balanced colour matrix.
      • White: on, Offset A +2, Offset B +2, Offset
        ATW +2. This will give you a beautiful warm picture, by elevating the reds
        a little bit
      • Detail: On, Level 0, Frequency +65,
        Crispening 0, Black limiter +75, White limiter +75. This gives a very nice
        definition without the artificial sharpening artifiacts. Ideal for DOF
        adapter shooting.
      • Gamma: Cine-1 for rich-contrast situations,
        Cine-3 for low-contrast situations. Make cine-1 your standard and avoid
        cine-4 (too noisy in the shadows).
      • Black: -3 or -4 Black gamma: -2. Will
        help to reduce noise in the blacks.


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      Just thought…if you want to see how the above settings look I have posted the vision on You Tube here.


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      The XDCAM EX3 looks like it’s pretty up there as far as price and quality. Have you tried some of your pro work with any other camcorders?

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      I have used the SONY Z1…but only once. The quality was terrible and it was embarrassing to hand the final video to my client. Usually my next job comes from my last job so if I create something that is not of great quality it’s of no benefit to my corporate video production business.

      The XDCAM EX3 is exceptional quality and you pay for that…but it’s worth it. With the EX3 you can change the lens and fit a broadcast or even a film lens to it. This means my EX3 will never be outdated as I can use for for corporate videos or for broadcast.

      Until now I was hiring all my production equipment and was shooting on Digital Betacam but for every days hire it cost me $800. It wasn’t to hard to realize that if I purchased my own gear (and it had to quality) that I would be far better off after a few short years.

      No one ever regrets stepping up and getting quality gear!


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