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       Ok this is probably in the wrong place but couldn’t find anywhere else so here it goes, I have a B&W MRC uv-haze filter on my 70-200 2.8 version II lens but I Just got my new canon xa10 video camera today and want to put a filter on it so i have 3 questions for input, 1-uv filter or just straight glass on it no uv, slim line or regular thickness, and last they make a regular or a wide angle.

      Hope to get a few inputs I have to order 1 tonight.


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      marc – Congratulations on the new XA10! Personally, I put an inexpensive sacrificial UV filter on every camera and lens I own. A small investment that has saved a couple of expensive lenses in the last few years. For the XA10, a $4 58mm UV filter like this Zeikos ought to do the job.

      Good luck,


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