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      hi yall i have found a website called http://www.thecamerapros.com

      i was wondering if anyone had done business with these guys before.

      their site seems legit, and their prices seem unbeatable as far as i can tell. i just heard some sites on the internet can be shady so i was wondering if anyone had done actual business with them. they are based in NY NY.

      ay info would be appreciated.

      if you think this site may be shady then what sites have you found good deals on cameras and accessories?
      thanks for your help

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      This place gets the "Mr Yuck" sticker! The link below takes you to a web site that rates online vendors. I entered the "camerapros.com" and you can see what popped up. Read the comments that were posted on this page too.


      I usually only go to B&H Photo which is a big audio/visual equipment store located in New York. I was just in New York about a month ago so I had to stop in and check it out. DON"T GO IN THERE IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! It’s hard to walk out with it. πŸ˜€ They sell everything and anything and are very reputable. I think most of us here go through these guys. Their prices are very reasonable too. I think there are a few other places too but I just use B&H. I live in the midwest and I usually get my stuff in 4 days using normal delivery.


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