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      Editableclips.com is motion graphics stock site and designers community. Editableclips.com offers a growing library of conformable motion graphics, for use in film, television, commercials, interactive web sites, and other multimedia productions.

      You can buy stock video footage with royalty-free licence by Credits. You can buy ready to use files or order customization. Any change of Animation is possible, according to Customer’s requirements. The Authors of all clips are experienced Artists, who own full Copyright to their works as all necessary source assets. Join us if you are talented artist.

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      How does your product line differentiate itself from the likes of Digital Juice, Digital Hotcakes, MotionLoops, etc… where they have similar products for far less money ($49 for one simple 30 second motion graphic seems a bit steep to me in the current market).

      For example, you have one basketball clip for $49 (http://www.editableclips.com/video/6606.html) while Digital Juice has Editors Themekits ($50 each or four for $100) which have four motion backgrounds, three overlays, a lower third, two animated wipes, one high res PSD graphic and mattes for the overlays & lower third – All basketball related (http://www.digitaljuice.com/products/products.asp?pid=1064) all in both HD and SD.

      Please don’t think I am demeaning your product – The graphics look quite nice. I am just trying to understand your pricing model.

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      Thanks for your post,

      Main stocks prices for video HD1080p:

      IStock – more than 100$

      Shutterstock – 50$

      Pond5 – avg price 51$ (51% full HD clips in library)

      and quality (curator demands) very appropriate to prices

      Editableclips.comofferstop quality selected clips with customizable option (for example digital juicebascetball animations are useless in all non-english speaking countries because of “basketball” text.

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      Hi –

      I sell clips on Pond5 – My HD clips are $10 each or less.

      I also own several Digital Juice HD basketball animations (along with about 350 of their other offerings) and don’t see any text, English or otherwise, anywhere on them. Plus if you’re not doing HD, their software will render out both NTSC and PAL resolutions. They probably have the best international value out there.

      I see the value of having customizable clips but still don’t get your pricing.

      Yes, compared to some stock houses out there you are competitive – but only the high priced ones. Perhaps you might consider a more varied pricing model.

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      on http://www.editableclips.com youll find free video backgrounds, overlays, lower thirds, motion elements, video mattes, transitions, production music & sounds etc.

      all files are free for commercial and private use. a new file every week. there are already more than 400 clips online.

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